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About BioShield One | BioShield One
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About BioShield One

What Is BioShield One?

BioShield One anti-microbial technology integrates pure silver micro-particles into base polymers of polyester, polypropylene, nylon and many other types of polymers during the manufacturing process, creating a permanent barrier that eliminates bacteria and germs on contact, even when dry. Our environmentally friendly solution has built-in “proof-of-compliance” identifiers for quality control, compliance and brand protection.

It is safe, permanent and comparable in price to non-anti-microbial products. BioShield One is perfect for use in a number of materials to protect products in everyday applications including textiles, plastics, nylons, paints, ceramics, medical devices, and more.

You cannot see or feel BioShield One technology, and it does not wash off or leach out, so your products remains the same – even after 100 or more washes. BioShield One technology is not a NANO technology which is harmful to the environment. BioShield One is a safe non-toxic technology which consists of micro-particles.

The final product becomes permanently anti-microbial for life.

Why Choose BioShield One

  • Low Added Cost
  • Extruded – embedded into the fiber
  • Permanent (non leaching, environmentally friendly)
  • Use any detergent
  • Use any fabric softener
  • Use any type of bleach
  • Wash any temperatures – Low, Medium, High
  • Tumble Dry at any temperature
  • Available in any colour – light, medium, dark

Silver has long been known to have anti-microbial properties and is commonly incorporated into materials resulting in surfaces that are anti-microbial.

However, silver only has anti-microbial properties in its ionized form, either as pure silver or, if in its inert non-ionized form, through contact with moisture.

BioShield One yarns and fibers are incorporated with pure silver, which ionizes when dry, eliminating harmful bacteria and germs such as MRSA and e-Coli and other microbes. BioShield One is encapsulated within the base polymer. Once incorporated into the product during the manufacturing process, the final product becomes anti-microbial for life.

BioShield One technology provides a permanent anti-microbial protection for a range of materials by extruding pure silver directly into polyester, polypropylene and nylon and other polymers during the manufacturing process.

Tested Globally

Independently tested by laboratories showing BioShield One to be effective against odors and stains including harmful pathogens, MRSA and ECOLI.

Continuous Protection

BioShield One technology creates a permanent barrier that eliminates bacteria and germs on contact, even when dry.

Invaluable Security

Built-in “proof of compliance” identifiers add an invaluable level of security and anti-counterfeit measures.

BioShield One is highly cost effective. BioShield One can be incorporated into the final products in low concentrations which makes BioShield One comparable in price to non-anti-microbial products.

BioShield One technology allows you to lower the temperature of a wash by 10°C, 20°C, or even 30°C saving 40% or more from energy costs.

Lower wash temperatures make BioShield One treated materials more permanent, reducing costs further.

BioShield One is shown to remain 99.998% effective after 100 or more washes.

Unlike topical solutions and coated versions, BioShield One anti-microbial protection comes from within the fibers and yarns themselves – so washing and treating with industrial detergents, bleaches and other compounds has no detrimental effect.

Additionally, you can achieve full disinfection at up to 10°C lower wash temperature causing less wear on the fibers and thus extending the life of the product, saving energy and lowering costs.


“BioShield One uses high performance anti-microbial technology to provide permanent protection for the life of the product, at minimal cost.”

Brand Partners


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Creative Director

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Chief Executive Officer

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General Manager

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HR Manager

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