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Cosmetics | BioShield One
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Make up brush and cosmetic cases experts are aware that women are not cleaning their brushes. Dermatologists and ophthalmologists are assertive about this issue. They emphasize that women should thoroughly clean their brushes even though there is no guaranty that bacteria will not spread.


They only should not consider cleaning their makeup tools unless using brushes and packaging cases manufactured with a small needed percentage of BioShield One Anti-Bacterial Technology: “Makeup brushes accumulate bacteria, dust, and dirt, all of which permit the growth of multiple bacteria, which can aggravate underlying skin and eyes conditions.


The BioShield One Micro particles silver (Ag) is bioactive and readily kills bacteria in vitro,in sufficient concentration. Consequently, BioShield One unique silver technology with Micro particles and NOT silver Nano particles is used as an antimicrobial in a variety of industrial, healthcare and domestic applications.