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Sustainability | BioShield One
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BioShield One anti-microbial technology incorporates pure silver in low concentrations into the base polymer of synthetic fibers. The yarns can be incorporated into the final material in low concentrations. Because the silver is encapsulated within the base polymer of the product during the manufacturing process, it cannot leach out or migrate and harm the environment.

Additionally, due to the self-sanitizing effects of the fabrics with BioShield One technology, they only need to be washed to remove soiling and dirt. This can effectively be done at 30 or 40°C – much lower than the currently required 65°C. This reduction in wash temperatures cuts energy requirements by up to 40%, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of the fabric over its lifetime.

Low Concentrations0%
Low Wash Temperatures (30-40°C)0%
Energy Saving0%